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Prayer Chain

        “I can’t believe it... I prayed for 30 minutes and the time went by fast!” That is a comment we have heard over and over, since we started our Prayer Chain ten years ago. It’s monthly, and begins at 7:00 on Sunday evening, and concludes at 7:00 pm Wednesday.
       Our primary purpose is to pray for people who are not ready to go to heaven. But we also have a special emphasis for each session, such as our missionaries, or our kids as they return to school.
       The 72-hour time period is divided into 30-minute segments. Sign-up sheets are available in the foyer for a couple weeks before the session starts. You pick the spot you want, put your name on the sheet, and we will send you a card to remind you.
       It isn’t complicated, and is very people-friendly. Come in the main entrance, and go right around the corner to the first door. When you enter the Power Room, you’ll see six chairs in front of the tables. You begin at the far left and work to your right.
       We invite you to give it a try. You may be surprised that you can do it, and yes, the time will go quickly!

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