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CIY Move


2017 Dates: July 17-22 in Warrensburg, Missouri; Deposit ($75) due February 24th
Registration ($25) Late Fee after February 24th, $50 late fee after April 3 (CIY Fundraiser Dinner)!

CIY MOVE is a 5-day high school only event held all over the country, designed to amplify the call of Christ on student lives to become Kingdom workers for the sake of the Gospel.

For years, students from FCC have experienced life-change at CIY!  Getting away from the everyday distractions of their world, they find a God that is in passionate pursuit of them.  Of course, students have a blast at MOVE too!  Whether it's a pick-up game of basketball, a "pick-up" card game of "Spoons", or just hanging out with friends, the teens that attend will see a week at CIY MOVE as the highlight of their summer!

Still want to know more?
What about the lodging at CIY?
Let’s start with where you will stay. Everyone will be staying in the conference center dorm rooms. This means you will sleep in a real bed, not on the floor and not on a camp bunk. Our guys and girls each have separate dorms where you will stay.
So what do we do every day at CIY?
Each day starts off with a session called Encounter that introduces the theme of the day and what Scripture has to say about it. After listening to a speaker, you will go out and do your own devotion (provided in your student booklet) on the theme. From there you go into D-Groups, which is basically a group of 10-12 students and an adult teacher that explores the day’s theme more deeply. The lessons provide a lot of interaction and discussion without a ton of lecture. In the early afternoon there is either a General Session where everyone gathers together to hear a comedian or other speaker or an elective class time with several different options for you to choose from. The rest of the afternoon is free time. There is no organized recreation at CIY. You will be able to do anything from join a pick-up game of basketball, to take a nap or hang out with your friends. After free time and dinner, begins the evening session. The worship is incredible! CIY flies in speakers from all over the country, and they are always challenging and interesting. After the evening session, we will go and have a discussion time with just our youth group. It is the last thing of the day, and we get a chance to talk about the way that God was able to move in our lives throughout day. This is probably one of the best times of the day. Then it’s back to the dorms to try and get rested and ready to go again!
Thursday afternoon is a little different. We will have a half day of extended recreation. The past couple of years we have had our special "Prayer Partner Reveal"!  It's always a fun time to see and hear words, songs, and poems of encouragement between the students and sponsors!

See Lance if you would like to attend!

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